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Alan Becker
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Blue's New Superpower - #TeamTrees
Views 16,508,7779 months ago
Reacting to my Fans' Captions
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Animation vs. Pokémon (official)
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Animation vs. YouTube (original)
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I have an announcement!
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The Story of Love (Animation)
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Alan Becker Channel Trailer
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Animation vs. Minecraft (original)
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Animator vs. Animation (HD)
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Animator vs. Animation II (HD)
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"The Law Shack" Sequel
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"The Law Shack" Animation
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My Patreon Page!
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Chairbending: Stop Motion Short
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GIF Share Animation
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GROW! Lizard - Time Lapse
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A Wild Pokémon Sighting
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My paper crane flew away
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Burger Box - Animated Short
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Something Freaky
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If Water Had Eyes - COMPLETE
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RiverRun Film Festival Intro
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My First Maya Animation
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HOST.NET Animation
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Frog and the Fly
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If Water Had Eyes
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We are Corn
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Instant Messaging in Real Life
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Animator vs. Animation (original)
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Animator vs. Animation II (original)
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Stop Motion - Worm
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Trampoline time-lapse
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