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dog update
Views 462,9117 hours ago
making a mcdonald's mcgriddle
Views 516,3042 weeks ago
making lazy & easy pasta
Views 499,7351 months ago
i made kebabs 🍆
Views 481,2671 months ago
i made elote and horchata
Views 545,5202 months ago
making a diy snickers bar
Views 1,296,4792 months ago
trying to make diy hot pockets
Views 1,090,9463 months ago
trying pinterest mug recipes
Views 1,194,4163 months ago
making poutine from scratch
Views 699,9453 months ago
my new show
Views 587,5174 months ago
i made cheeseburger sushi
Views 717,7704 months ago
reorganizing my entire pantry
Views 1,143,8974 months ago
baking pretzel bites
Views 774,8035 months ago
trying to make diy pop-tarts
Views 977,3115 months ago
i made the tiktok whipped coffee
Views 2,570,6556 months ago
let's make bread together
Views 910,5836 months ago
i made tamales
Views 1,028,8008 months ago
trying to make diy oreos
Views 1,333,7648 months ago
making super bowl appetizers
Views 1,386,4228 months ago
i made pozole rojo (mexican soup)
Views 1,199,2388 months ago
trying to deep fry ice cream
Views 1,808,2789 months ago
i made a lentil loaf for jenna
Views 1,509,8959 months ago
i tried making cheez-its
Views 957,58610 months ago
next stop pies!
Views 1,586,28810 months ago
making cornbread is really easy
Views 886,67810 months ago
i competed in jiu jitsu
Views 539,86511 months ago
making guy fieri's trash can nachos
Views 1,468,37211 months ago
i tried making a bloomin' onion
Views 1,585,74412 months ago
i made a better chicken sandwich
Views 1,434,1041 years ago
making sushi is really easy
Views 1,896,8481 years ago
kermit's 9th birthday
Views 2,006,9041 years ago
peach's 5th birthday
Views 1,560,3401 years ago
bunny's first birthday party
Views 2,933,8471 years ago
making tofu that doesn't suck
Views 1,969,5161 years ago
trying to make diy lays chips
Views 2,368,4451 years ago
making a giant aries cookie
Views 2,298,5182 years ago
my new animal friends
Views 292,6272 years ago
j&j's kitchen for a rainy day
Views 1,237,7562 years ago
home improvement
Views 557,8712 years ago
crying for no reason
Views 667,1972 years ago
my tribute to buttercup
Views 315,5332 years ago
kermit got bit by a spider
Views 3,543,5362 years ago
stress day
Views 254,1002 years ago
back in the tattoo chair
Views 234,1322 years ago
julien's kitchen - pad thai
Views 462,8872 years ago
a struggle at dinner
Views 282,3482 years ago
what kind of dog is this (cat)
Views 357,7732 years ago
an excited boy
Views 524,0542 years ago
an aries in the kitchen
Views 605,1582 years ago
kermit stepped in oil paint
Views 2,281,4522 years ago
the story behind my tattoo
Views 373,2532 years ago
peach and a pelican
Views 384,0282 years ago
coming up for air
Views 290,4492 years ago
i got a new car
Views 470,8182 years ago