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julien solomita
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i made tamales
Views 761,9531 weeks ago
trying to make diy oreos
Views 1,033,2612 weeks ago
making super bowl appetizers
Views 962,6903 weeks ago
trying to deep fry ice cream
Views 1,559,0711 months ago
i made a lentil loaf for jenna
Views 1,194,5562 months ago
i tried making cheez-its
Views 875,7283 months ago
next stop pies!
Views 1,131,5933 months ago
i competed in jiu jitsu
Views 505,9914 months ago
i tried making a bloomin' onion
Views 1,420,2315 months ago
i made a better chicken sandwich
Views 1,316,5685 months ago
making sushi is really easy
Views 1,759,7748 months ago
kermit's 9th birthday
Views 1,868,4708 months ago
peach's 5th birthday
Views 1,463,5928 months ago
bunny's first birthday party
Views 2,762,7139 months ago
making tofu that doesn't suck
Views 1,865,26210 months ago
trying to make diy lays chips
Views 2,289,38611 months ago
making a giant aries cookie
Views 2,171,79711 months ago
aries season (official trailer)
Views 730,69911 months ago
my new animal friends
Views 285,6021 years ago
j&j's kitchen for a rainy day
Views 1,156,8701 years ago
home improvement
Views 524,9591 years ago
crying for no reason
Views 620,5901 years ago
my tribute to buttercup
Views 311,4641 years ago
kermit got bit by a spider
Views 3,154,5101 years ago
stress day
Views 246,7221 years ago
back in the tattoo chair
Views 231,1841 years ago
julien's kitchen - pad thai
Views 447,8161 years ago
a struggle at dinner
Views 277,3861 years ago
what kind of dog is this (cat)
Views 350,9841 years ago
an excited boy
Views 498,7531 years ago
an aries in the kitchen
Views 590,8851 years ago
kermit stepped in oil paint
Views 2,088,9461 years ago
the story behind my tattoo
Views 365,8371 years ago
peach and a pelican
Views 367,9691 years ago
coming up for air
Views 287,8272 years ago
i got a new car
Views 463,5502 years ago
kermit fell into the pool
Views 2,435,2522 years ago
something fun i'm doing
Views 281,9452 years ago
family dinner
Views 738,7282 years ago
dog massage
Views 469,1762 years ago
the second part
Views 729,7642 years ago
kermit got stung by a bee
Views 2,278,6812 years ago
too thicc
Views 427,2572 years ago
scratching lottery tickets
Views 502,1092 years ago
taking care of our cermets
Views 978,7362 years ago
kermit’s 8th birthday
Views 1,411,2702 years ago
peachy's 4th birthday
Views 1,411,7732 years ago
mr. marbles 10th birthday
Views 2,656,9272 years ago
a new chapter
Views 455,1192 years ago
we bought a house and moved
Views 562,2792 years ago
insecure dog
Views 335,1822 years ago
looking at memes with my dad
Views 415,6162 years ago
the most ratchet salon
Views 565,9802 years ago