17 Things It's Better to Stoping Doing in a Car

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  • Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • A lot of careless things are done by drivers on a daily basis while driving. The most common ones we know of are rash driving, dangerous passing, drinking and driving, and using cell phones while driving. But there are a number of other habits you better get rid of.

    For example, some people love singing along to the radio while driving their car. And this is one of the most dangerous things people can do! Many women often skip the important step of changing footwear when they drive to some event, all dressed up. But you can't even begin to imagine how many bad and even fatal accidents have happened because a high heel got stuck in the floorboard. So, here are some of the most reckless things you should never do while in the car. Keep them in mind while in a moving vehicle in order to avoid accidents on the road.

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    Headphones on 0:27
    Munching on a snack 0:53
    Feet on the dashboard 1:27
    Reaching for stuff 2:09
    Getting too comfortable 2:33
    Putting on makeup 3:00
    Paying attention to billboards 3:27
    Not wearing a seat belt 3:54
    Driving with anything but hands 4:22
    Rubbernecking 4:49
    Singing aloud 5:13
    Playing with pets 5:56
    Texting or calling 6:28
    High heels 7:05
    Changing clothes 7:29
    Falling asleep 7:58
    Smoking 8:37

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    - The problem is that when music is blaring in your ears, you can’t hear anything else, including other drivers honking at you.
    - When you eat while driving, you get awfully distracted. Plus, greasy food and sweet things can make you sleepy. If you absolutely must drink something while driving, it should be a bottle of water.
    - When the airbag gets deployed during a crash, it sends the front passenger's feet flying right into their face at a high speed. On top of that, when you're sitting with your feet up, you have less control over your body, which is another reason why you might fail to prevent trauma.
    - You should remember that when you recline your seat back, slip your shoes off, or prop your foot on the seat, you’re literally preparing yourself to get drowsy.
    - The most dangerous among all are digital billboards showing full-motion videos, including exciting commercials with bright pictures and rapid movements.
    - Drivers should keep their curiosity in check; otherwise, it may lead to traffic congestion or, even worse, other road accidents.
    - Never allow your pet to sit in your lap: it may accidentally scratch your face or bump into your arm; and chances are this will cause an accident.
    - You should remember that using your phone while driving causes an alarming number of car crashes.
    - According to sleep researchers, snoozing passengers, especially those in the front seat, make the driver feel sleepy as well.
    - When a driver lights a cigarette while the car is moving, getting dangerously distracted is not the only problem. When they open the window to let the smoke out, the outside wind may blow the burning ash from the cigarette right into their eyes!

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