CGI Animated Spot HD: "Triumph - Find The One.. Again!" by, Stories AG, Brunch

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  • Published on: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
  • 3D Animated Spot Triumph - Find The One.. Again! by, Stories AG & Brunch Studio. Featured on

    Triumph returns to a land far, far away to offer support to in a way that only Triumph can, with a sequel to last year's film, Find The One... Again!

    Client: Triumph
    Client Reps: Suzanne McKenna, Hans Rafael Meier

    Agency: Stories AG
    Directed by Tobias Fueter
    DP: Pascal Walder
    Production Company: Stories AG
    Executive Producer Stories: Yves Bollag
    Producer Stories: Pica Cubello

    Cg Production Company:
    Cg Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
    Cg Animation Studio: Brunch
    Producer: Pierrot Jacquet
    Production Coordinator: Vincent Leroy

    Cg Supervisor / Lighting-Compositing Supervisor: Jean-Charles Kerninon
    Previz, Layout And Set-Dressing Superviso: Jérôme Calvet
    Animation Supervisor: Barthélémy Boirot
    Cloth Supervisor: Maxime Granger
    Rigging Supervisor – Autorig Creation: Maxime Cozic
    Character Modeling Supervisor: David Arnould
    Pipeline R&D Supervisor: Alexis Prayez
    Character Modeling: David Arnould, Ugo Froment, Fabien Dufour
    Character Surfacing: Fabien Dufour, Ugo Froment, Clément Lauricella
    Set Modeling / Surfacing: Audrey Respaud, Rémi Julien
    Props Modeling / Surfacing: Anaële Vermot, Audrey Respaud, Valentin Samuel, Ugo Froment
    Matt Painting: Omar Camara
    Rigging: Maxime Cozic, Maxime Granger, Lucile Vampouille
    Previz: Jérôme Calvet, Audrey Lainé, William Hoareau
    Layout & Set Dressing: Jérôme Calvet, Rémi Julien
    Animation: Barthélémy Boirot, Guillaume Lurati, Axel Digoix, Audrey Lainé, William Hoareau
    Cloth Simulation: Maxime Granger, Maxime Cozic, Rémi Julien, Lucile Vampouille
    Lighting / Rendering / Compositing: Jean-Charles Kerninon, Rémi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Lucile Vampouille, Vincent Hochet, Landry De Oliveira
    Fx Particles Artist: Vincent Ewald
    Motion Design: Almir Nago, Luc Journot, Damien Martin

    Studio Manager: Franck Duchene
    IT: Gwenael Lorisson
    Production Accountant: Moussa Traore

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    CGI Animated Spot HDCGI Animated Spot HD "Triumph - Find The One.. Again!" by, Stories AG, Brunch