13 Strange Things That Should Stay in the Past Forever

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  • Published on: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  • For as long as people have existed, we have always needed medical support. And even though there is no doubt that medicine has helped a lot to prolong the average lifespan, at certain points of its development the methods were quite strange. Some of them were even very dangerous. Here the words «no pain, no gain» can be used quite literally.

    Have you ever heard, for example, about treating a cough with Heroin? The worst thing is that it was also given to children, and doctors thought that it was non-addictive, unlike morphine. Digestion problems? Somnolence? Stomach cramps? You need a tobacco smoke enema! Actually, not. In the 19th century, they discovered that tobacco contains poisonous nicotine, and these enemas haven’t been used since then. Interested? Here're 13 ancient treatments methods that will make you happy that you live in the 21st century.

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    Malaria for treating syphilis 0:34
    Treating cough with Heroin 1:01
    Urine therapy 1:23
    A toothache was treated with smoking goat fat 1:57
    Mothers delivered babies sitting on their haunches 3:16
    Juniper and mandrake extracts were used as anesthesia 3:53
    Chronic diseases were treated with holy water 4:38
    Almost all diseases were treated with bloodletting 5:24
    Snake venom and poisonous herbs 6:32
    Mercury 7:13
    Skull trepanation 7:49
    Tobacco smoke enema 8:32
    Cannibal cures 9:05

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    - In the 1920s, a doctor discovered that patients that previously had syphilis didn’t have it after they showed symptoms of malaria. As this doctor discovered later, malaria causes fever high enough to kill the syphilitic bacteria.
    - Everybody knows that drugs are bad and destructive, but Heroin actually helps with a cough. However, you’ll get addicted to it much faster than you treat your cough.
    - The funniest thing about urine therapy is that today some people still believe that it works even though there is absolutely no proof!
    - Avicenna recommended smoking patients with a hot mixture of goat fat, henbane, and onion as a way of dental treatment. We are not sure how this was supposed to help.
    - In ancient India, they knew how to change the position of the fetus in utero, and in some African tribes, healers were able to perform a cesarean section with their primitive instruments.
    - In ancient Egypt, they used extracts from mandrake fruits as anesthesia for surgeries.
    - Ancient doctors treated diabetes with physical exercises and healing herbs. But this didn’t bring any positive results, and the patients usually died.
    - In the past, many people thought that most diseases were caused by what they called «bad blood». So, bloodletting seemed to be an obvious solution.
    - Before antibiotics, people tried to fight infections with remedies based on plant poisons and viper venom.
    - As we know today, mercury is extremely toxic, however, for some reason, ancient alchemists though it was a cure that could prolong the lifespan of patients.
    - Headaches, epilepsy and other psychological disorders used to be cured by drastic measures: doctors drilled holes in their patient’s skulls. Trepanation is actually one of the oldest surgical operations.
    - If you lived in the 12th century, your doctor could prescribe you a potion made of human flesh, bone, and blood. This mixture was thought to be good for headaches and stomach ulcers.

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