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  • Published on: Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • 11/10 do not recommend. The day after, my face was bright red and painful to move. 3 days later it feel like alligator skin and is flaking everywhere. Extremely painful, I can't imagine it have any better results than a good daily exfoliant. Done hurting myself for a while.

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    Source: https://youtu.be/7RLLSqRJqXM


  • Tori M

    Tori M

     1 years ago +11056

    As an esthi, I would NEVER continue working on a client if they were having the reactions that Gabbie was having, that was incredibly unprofessional. Even if Gabbie told her to continue performing the treatment no matter what I would still end up calling it some no one should ever be in that much pain from a skin treatment. Especially any facial treatment that an esthetician can do. I get it if you're going to a dermatologist and it hurts, they're licensed for extreme treatments, is esthi's are not.

    Also, when it comes to any kind of deep exfoliation techniques like this, you never EVER continue going back over the same place multiple times. EVER. It's way too irritating to the skin and can actually do so much more damage than having any beneficial affects.

  • bizzy izzy

    bizzy izzy

     1 weeks ago

    She is so tents her face is red...wait

  • The Mileven, Fillie and Reddie Shipper

    The Mileven, Fillie and Reddie Shipper

     2 weeks ago +1

    Gabbie's version of Pennywise : Vampire facial

  • Mc Lainie

    Mc Lainie

     2 weeks ago

    Does it actually hurt or are really being dramatic because when I get older I might get one.

  • XJeeX


     2 weeks ago

    Is it just Me or is it not okay to lie to your clients? I just feel like its not okay to do that.

  • Sasha Velazquez-Morales

    Sasha Velazquez-Morales

     2 weeks ago

    Y'all think this lady lowkey had a grudge against Gabbie??? 😅😅😅

  • Jikook For life

    Jikook For life

     2 weeks ago

    I cant tell if she was crying or laughing. 😁 or 😭

  • Emily Colbert

    Emily Colbert

     2 weeks ago

    I remember my fourth grade teacher had the hedgehog pillow😂

  • Marieky Van Kerckhove

    Marieky Van Kerckhove

     2 weeks ago

    It seems so stupid... You could litterly make some cuts on your legs and rub that blood on your face. I have experience with cutting and your upper legs bleed a lot but it doesn't hurt that much

    It just hurts for 2 secs in the beginning while you cut and then it burn a little for 2 minutes and your done! Pain is over

  • Latrice


     3 weeks ago +1

    This bitch had it out for gabbie

  • Payton Farnsworth

    Payton Farnsworth

     3 weeks ago

    Gabbie it's okay. I got my ears pierced at 7 years old and F that hurt.I also had a blood test one time,so it's oay.Everyone has that one painful moment in their lives!

  • Sofia Herbert

    Sofia Herbert

     3 weeks ago

    when ever they do somtging painful they should put you to sleep so you can do it like how when they put you to sleep when they do sergury

  • Sofia Herbert

    Sofia Herbert

     3 weeks ago


  • Allie and Aspen Adventures

    Allie and Aspen Adventures

     3 weeks ago

    Omg she should be fired. Gabbie said to stop multiple times, and she just laughed and kept going. Gabbie never do this to yourself again and please do not do anything for views that your not comfortable with doing. Please take a break

  • Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte Johnson

     3 weeks ago

    This lady was so incredibly unprofessional she was laughing at Gabbies pain and lying to her she should also not have done circle motions and go over the same section many times, personally I would get her fired

  • Goth Girl

    Goth Girl

     3 weeks ago

    What a professional should do:

    - Don’t give someone skin advice outside of their job description

    -Definetly not lie

    -don’t judge

    -Help make them feel better

    -don’t continue doing something if they’re uncomfortable

    - Ask them if they want to stop or at least take a break if they’re in pain even if they don’t bring it up

    What this SWEETIE does:

    - Tells Gabbie to get Botox (NOT HER JOB)

    - Lies TWICE about being on the lowest level

    - Calls Gabbie “Dramatic

    - Laughs at her

    - Does a spot that Gabbie specifically said not to do it one because it hurt too much

    - Doesn’t stop no matter how many times Gabbie screams that she can’t take it or it hurts too bad or she can’t do it she needs to stop

    Edit: Oh and the worst part of all is at 13:56 when she goes:

    “She literally CRYING, like oh my gosh. What the hell?”


  • Cerys Xx

    Cerys Xx

     4 weeks ago +1

    Why was she going over the same spot twice, I don’t think you’re supposed to do that, and I would stop if the client was in pain 🤨 She is very unprofessional

  • Persistence Sailor

    Persistence Sailor

     1 months ago

    I’ve been rewatching a lot of your videos, and have been thinking, I feel like you have a little space?? And if you addressed it in another video, I’m sorry. I think this because of the way you react to the pain, you have an automatic reaction to curl up into the smallest ball possible, and grab a stuffed animal or something squishy as soon as possible, I don’t mean to offend you

  • Ava DeFoe

    Ava DeFoe

     1 months ago

    When Gabbie gave up because the pain hurt so bad I literally related on another level. 😂

  • Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life

    Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life

     1 months ago

    I want to do this