They Found a Man at Sea But How He Survived Is Shocking

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  • Published on: Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • Stories about world records are often stories about fierce competition and glory. But the holder of this stunning record once famously said that he really hopes no one will ever have to beat it. And it’s not because he wants it only for himself, but because we’re talking about Poon Lim, the man that survived over 4 months on a raft, stranded in the ocean.

    To be exact, he’d been there for 133 hard days straight. He survived everything a shipwreck survivor might have the misfortune of going through! Thirst, starvation, raging storms, desperation and the ever-menacing presence of bloodthirsty sea predators – you name it, Poon Lim had to deal with it! But how could all this happen to him?

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    One of 11 lucky survivors 0:53
    Unenviable situation 1:57
    What did he drink and eat? 3:29
    How storm destroyed all his supplies 4:44
    Sharks! 5:38
    Who rescued Poon Lim 6:34

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    - The year was 1942. A lot of young Chinese people went to become sailors on board UK ships and Poon Lim was one of them. He was assigned to the merchant ship called SS Ben Lomond as a steward.
    - The ship sank so fast, that she sucked down water around her. All 55 members of the crew were dragged into the depth.
    - Poon Lim was one of 11 lucky survivors, though he wasn’t lucky enough. The 10 others were soon saved by passing ships. Lim’s only hope was the life raft from SS Ben Lomond.
    - It was 8 by 8 ft (2.5 m), had some sort of tent to provide shade and cover from the rain, tin cans of dry biscuits, 40 liters of water, and signal flares.
    - He saw passing ships many times, but they didn’t notice him. Once, he even saw a German U-boat like the one that began this nightmare.
    - Storms became a problem, not only for the flimsy raft itself, but most importantly for the supplies. In a single stormy night, they were all gone! All the jars with fresh water, all the dried fish – everything!
    - The remains of the birds lured sharks to Poon Lim’s raft and fish decided to swim for their lives as fast as they could.
    - One day, Poon Lim noticed that the water around him changed color and he rejoiced, because that could only mean one thing – he was near land. It was Brazil, in fact.
    - After two weeks in the hospital, he was ready to go back to Britain, where he was rewarded with a British Empire Medal and a golden watch from his employers as a symbolic compensation.

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