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  • Published on: Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/GzpJ8RYlrM4


  • Leonore Fuller

    Leonore Fuller

     5 minutes ago


  • Ryan Zad

    Ryan Zad

     7 minutes ago

    I want to date this rich beautiful woman

  • Fifa 2020

    Fifa 2020

     17 minutes ago +1

    An entitled princess that lies and panders to Foogets for likes... Loser with a capital L

  • Val Purple

    Val Purple

     18 minutes ago

    Y'all are brutal

  • sugar plum

    sugar plum

     18 minutes ago

    uhh ok what-

    For the most part, your parents are to blame however you REALLY uploaded a video of you saying I mISs SoCiAl mEdiA whilst your mother is stressing about a crime she committed. Although you cant speak about what happened dont be so happy about it tf-

  • Gene Rovinsky

    Gene Rovinsky

     21 minutes ago

    Nobody cares about any of your opinions if you don't like her why are you on her youtube channel. Either watch her stuff or get a life of your own.. lmao... I will probaby never watch one of this girls videos but the amount of trolls all over the web made it hard not to come comment in her defence, would love to put you trolls personal biz on blast for everyone to judge you... since your all so perfect...

  • Samantha Armstrong

    Samantha Armstrong

     22 minutes ago

    But you guys are still watching Brooke houts or whatever I bet lmao

  • Alyssa Moss

    Alyssa Moss

     24 minutes ago

    She’s such a joke hahaha
    Trust me, you were not missed ✌️

  • Chris Ha

    Chris Ha

     26 minutes ago

    as a passionate rower like myself, im so proud of your merit and you deserve what you got! keep it up girl. #blessed😍😍

  • Kaitlin Shepard

    Kaitlin Shepard

     26 minutes ago

    Get off her ass, “oh my god her mom bought her way into college”. If I had that kind of money I would too 😂 she’s sorry and she wants to come back. Get over it

  • Nina AF

    Nina AF

     27 minutes ago

    Yes, I'm here, giving this a view because I love a good train wreck, but...how dies she have nearly 2M people who are all "yes, this is someone I want to watch regularly and support"???

  • Saff P

    Saff P

     48 minutes ago

    Very disappointed. Nothing left to say or see from you.

  • Ransford Flentjar

    Ransford Flentjar

     49 minutes ago

    Did something happen for her to get so many dislikes?...

  • E May

    E May

     50 minutes ago

    Ahhh I smell cap

  • Lucy Bailey

    Lucy Bailey

     50 minutes ago

    I'm so glad you're back! Missed you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brenda


     57 minutes ago +1

    You know what’d earn you some respect Olivia. Stop posting videos while your parents are facing serious charges. Instead of wasting time on here, pick up a book on criminal law and look up how to avoid getting indicted yourself. Then reassess your rich spoiled life and realize you have done something wrong. Then apologize and never come back to social media again.

  • myownfan


     58 minutes ago


  • Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

     1 hours ago +1

    Fuck u bitch you're done for life

  • ariss leblanc

    ariss leblanc

     1 hours ago

    there are so many other scandals in the YouTube community. But people won’t forgive you because with you paying 500k to go to college on a “sports” scholarship when u don’t even row. You could of messed up the chances of other ppl who actually deserve to go to colleges chances. You don’t miss your fans u miss the paychecks and the sponsors. Sephora dropped you your not bouncing back

  • Rebekah Yohannes

    Rebekah Yohannes

     1 hours ago

    You don’t deserve this platform.