A Captain Was Pulled Out, See What Happened to the Plane

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  • Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Every day, about 10 million people take commercial flights to get from point A to point B. Almost 100,000 planes take off and land without a hitch. But from time to time, very rarely, an accident will happen that seems to spike cases of aviophobia all over the world. Like that time when a captain was partially pulled out of the cockpit, dangling in the sky at an altitude of 17,000 ft!

    As it usually happens, nothing was amiss at first. The pilots were experienced. The plane seemed to be perfectly Ok and the cabin crew was professional and friendly. No one expected the dramatic outcome that was in store for this flight...

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    What happened with the left windscreen panel 1:02
    If only the captain didn't remove his lap belt... 2:11
    What saved his life 3:09
    The lack of oxygen 3:37
    The crew thought the captain's dead 4:32
    Emergency landing 5:02
    But why did the accident happen? 6:34
    And this is not the only example... 7:07

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    - On June 10, 1990, four crew members and 81 passengers boarded the aircraft. At 08:20 AM, the co-pilot performed a routine take-off, and British Airways Flight 5390 left Birmingham, England, and headed toward Malaga, Spain.
    - Just as the cabin crew was preparing to serve meals, flight attendant Nigel Ogden was entering the cockpit, and there was a loud bang. The passengers were terrified because they thought there was an explosion.
    - The real cause of the chaos was the left windscreen panel of the cockpit. It had separated from the fuselage of the plane and was blown away. Later, it was found somewhere in Didcot.
    - Decompression that occurred when the window blew out made the air rush out of the cabin. The captain had already removed his lap belt. That's why the man was literally ripped out of his seat and sucked out of the missing windscreen.
    - Recalling the accident later, one of the passengers told the press that she had noticed a man who had been hanging out of the window, and two other men and a woman had been holding onto his legs, trying to prevent him from being sucked out.
    - Meanwhile, the passengers thought the plane was on fire and started to panic. The cockpit door was sucked inward and collided with the control console, blocking some parts of it.
    - The plane didn't have enough oxygen for everyone on board. That's why the co-pilot was in a hurry to descend to an altitude where the passengers and crew could breathe normally. After he fulfilled this task, he immediately broadcasted a distress call.
    - Despite their assumption that the man had already lost his life, the crew was still holding onto his body. They were still clinging to him even when the plane made the emergency landing at the airport of Southhampton.
    - Naturally, the man was in a state of shock, but he managed to return to work in less than five months and didn’t retire from commercial piloting until 2008.
    - Investigators discovered that 27 hours before the flight, when the windscreen was installed, 84 of the bolts used in the process were too small in diameter, and the rest of the bolts were too short!
    - But the accident with British Airways Flight 5390 hasn't been the only accident when a crew member barely escaped being pulled out of the plane.
    - On May 14, 2018, a Sichuan Airlines flight was heading from China to Tibet. When the plane reached the cruising altitude of 32,000 ft (9,753 m), the right windshield suddenly exploded with a deafening bang.
    - The captain, who was a former military pilot, managed to regain manual control over the Airbus A319, and the plane made an emergency landing at the airport of Chengdu.

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