9 Things Rich People Never Ever Buy

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  • Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Hey you — wish you could afford the new iPhone? How about a trip to the Bahamas? Why is it that no matter how many hours you work a week, you still find yourself sitting at home, eating top ramen, dreaming of a tropical vacation you can’t afford? Turns out, you might be wasting your money on unnecessary things.

    For example, what's your way you grocery shop? Even though buying food to make at home is already more economical than eating out all the time, there are definitely things you’re doing at the market that have you spending way more than you have to. So, dry your tears: here are things you can avoid in order to save your money and live more like royalty.

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    Grooming and vanity maintenance 0:32
    The latest gadgets 1:21
    Coffee and other drinks on-the-go 2:02
    Diet fads and gimmicks 2:41
    The way you grocery shop 3:29
    You use credit cards instead of cash 4:42
    Coupons that make you buy random stuff 5:32
    Impending health expenses 6:13
    Food waste 6:58

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    - Try making a monthly budget for yourself to spend on grooming rituals. If you can’t afford that spa pedicure this month, maybe you can fit it into the budget next month.
    - While you really do need things like a cellphone and computer for work and personal reasons, spending all your money on the newest versions of electronics isn’t really necessary.
    - One way to close up the money pit is by making your own coffee at home! Whether it’s a sturdy tumbler or reusable coffee mug, bringing your own drinks from home will save you serious cash.
    - If you really want to get in shape and feel better about your appearance, try cutting out junk food, cooking with clean ingredients or spending an extra day of the week at the gym?
    - When you’re ready to pay for your things in line at the grocery store, try to avoid the impulse buys. Impulse purchases are things like candy bars, gum, and gossip magazines that are right there at the checkout counter just begging you to buy them.
    - Over time, your credit card balances will build and you’ll be spending more and more of your paychecks on monthly bills. And since they accumulate interest, it can often feel like you’re walking backward on a treadmill - you’ll never get anywhere and you’ll continue paying for years and years.
    - Did you ever stop to think that if you don’t do annual health maintenance and check ups, you’ll have to pay even more in the end? If you wait too long to get your teeth cleaned, you could be looking at multiple fillings, a root canal and more.
    - To reduce food waste, try going to the supermarket a couple times a month instead of just once in a while. This way you won’t feel the need to “stock up” and will only buy what you need for that period of time.

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