Having a Younger Sister Can Increase Your Weight

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  • Published on: Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • If you're a girl then you know that having a younger sister is a lot of fun even though she keeps borrowing clothes from your wardrobe. But would you believe she can influence your life in a much more serious way? Researchers from Sweden and New Zeland teamed up to find out if there is any connection between the birth order and weight. Their results turned out to be quite surprising!

    According to the study, at birth first-born women actually weighed less than their siblings, but when they grew up they were 29% more likely to be overweight and 40% more likely to be obese in comparison with their second-born sisters. So you'd better put away that bag of chips if you have a younger sister!

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    What conclusion researchers came to 0:21
    It's probably your mom's fault 1:47
    Your siblings might make your marriage strong 2:42
    And having them makes you better at dating 3:10
    Why middle children are more successful 3:57
    What about your IQ? 5:10
    Good news for younger siblings 6:04
    Parents love one of their children more 6:58

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    - The first pregnancy the vessels that supply nutrients to the placenta might be more narrow. Such reduction of nutrient supply could cause the individual to be at risk of storing more fat.
    - Mothers tend to overfeed their first-borns because they're worried about their kids having a healthy weight. But when it comes to children that are born later mothers already having some experience don't try to force food on them anymore.
    - A 2013 Ohio State University study found that the probability of divorce goes down for 2% with each sibling.
    - A study carried out by researchers from Pennsylvania State University reveals that people with one or more siblings of the opposite sex consider themselves more confident when it comes to attracting and interacting with the opposite sex.
    - Middle children are 30% more likely to become company CEOs than their siblings. This could be because middle children have to fight for attention more than others.
    - Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Sydney University found that firstborn kids may have a higher IQ than their siblings.
    - According to a global online community YouGov, youngest siblings are the funniest. During this study participants were asked to classify how they perceive their sense of humor in comparison to their siblings.
    - A study conducted at the University of California reveals the harsh truth: out of the 768 parents surveyed, 70% of mothers and 74% of fathers admitted that they have a favorite child.

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