An Australian Model Stunned the World But It Wasn't an Easy Road

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  • Published on: Monday, May 27, 2019
  • Australian model Duckie Thot is dubbed “Black Barbie”. And while this gorgeous woman is taking the internet and fashion world by storm, her life wasn’t always so glamorous. Australia’s Next Top Model fans and even colleagues spoke badly about the aspiring model, and the entire experience left her with low confidence. It was really hard for her to deal with all the negativity and ignorance

    But today, Duckie has millions of fans and landed a contract with New York Model Management. She even strutted down the catwalk for Kanye West’s fashion label, Yeezy. Duckie is a great example of how someone can go through judgment and hardship and come out on top. If you love inspiring stories, you'll definitely like the Duckie Thot (and other inspirational models’) story!

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    Duckie's childhood 0:27
    Why Australia’s Next Top Model lowered Duckie's confidence 1:00
    When her career took off 2:32
    The very first model with vitiligo 3:23
    A model with albinism 4:12
    The longest-working model in history (she's 87 now!) 5:09
    A model with crossed eyes 5:52

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    - Duckie was born on October 23, 1995, and went by the name Nyadak Thot. She grew up alongside 6 other siblings and was raised in Melbourne, Australia.
    - As Duckie grew up, she realized quickly that she wanted to become a model. She took her first step onto the proverbial catwalk at age 17 when she joined the cast of Australia’s Next Top Model.
    - The stylists had a hard time caring for Duckie’s hair correctly, which worked against her. Later, in an Instagram post, Duckie revealed that she was forced to cornrow her own hair because the stylists had no idea what to do with her.
    - Fans of the show and even colleagues spoke badly about the aspiring model and would say truly offensive things about her that she didn’t deserve.
    - While dealing with all the negativity and ignorance was hard for her, Duckie persevered and didn’t stop pursuing her dream of modeling.
    - Winnie Harlow was born with an autoimmune disorder called vitiligo, which causes patches of the skin to lack pigment. This condition left her looking different to other models.
    - Diandra Forrest is an African-American model who was born with albinism, and she was the very first albino model to be signed to a major modeling agency!
    - Carmen Dell’Orefice is an incredibly stunning, successful model, and she’s slightly older than your typical model…let’s just say she blows out at least 80 candles on her birthday cake!
    - In 2017, a whole new kind of model stepped onto the scene. As you get closer to her, you’ll see that Brunette has noticeably crossed eyes. This condition is officially known as strabismus, and it definitely makes Brunette stand out from the crowd.

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