Why a Low-Cost Airline with Waterbeds and Organic Food Failed

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  • Published on: Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • There was a low-cost airline company that offered waterbeds and organic food. According to some passengers, the atmosphere on board was similar to that of some tribal celebration. During the flight, passengers were allowed to wander along the aisles, drink, and listen to rock music.

    Passengers could lie down on huge denim pillows. Flight attendants wore ultra-bright violet uniforms. Those who felt sleepy could make use of comfortable waterbeds. During the flight, passengers could enjoy vegetarian meals, homemade soups, organic bread, and cheeses, as well as different drinks, including wine and beer. But why didn't this airline manage to keep afloat?

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    - In 1973, self-made millionaire investor Kenneth Moss came up with the idea of a very unusual airline. He, along with his partner Darcy Flynn, spent $1.5 million and one year getting a plane and a license to operate it commercially from the Federal Aviation Administration.
    - Moss's idea was to launch not another commercial airline, but to start an inexpensive air travel club.
    - After paying a modest membership fee of $25, club members could get access to laughably cheap flights. For example, a trip from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J., cost $87, almost two times less expensive than any other commercial flight.
    - One of the most unusual things about the new airline was that the club members could vote on the flight schedules every three months! So if one of the passengers needed to go, let's say, to Paris, they only had to persuade their fellow members to add this route to the flight schedule.
    - However, all the frills didn't help the newborn airline to keep afloat. First of all, after Kenneth Moss appeared on TV, the membership cost grew. Then, people started to get frustrated by the airline's performance.
    - Hawaiian Airlines allows each passenger to take a pre-packed box of pineapples or papayas on board the plane. The only condition is that the box can’t weigh more than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and that it's agriculture-inspected first.
    - If you love comfort, write down the name "La Compagnie." You'll find out that your seat reclines to a 175-degree angle and has built-in massage features. You'll get an anti-allergenic pillow and a travel care kit for free.
    - Baltia Air Lines, which is known today as "USGlobal Airways," is an airline company which hasn't flown a single flight during its long 29-year old history!
    - If you're a fan of Pokemon, you can catch a themed jet which flies from Tokyo to Paris and from Tokyo to Frankfurt.
    - One more airline company keen on cartoon characters is Taiwanese international airline EVA AIR. But unlike ANA, its favorite cartoon seems to be Hello Kitty.
    - In 2015, Australia’s biggest airline company Qantas Airways offered its First Class passengers Gear Virtual Reality headsets to entertain them on long-haul flights!

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