That's What'll Happen to the Earth In 1,000,000,000 Years

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  • Published on: Monday, November 19, 2018
  • What will happen to humankind in 1 billion years? People have always dreamed of sneaking a peek into the future. Let's have a look at the future!

    Humankind has always dreamed of sneaking a peek into the future. Sci-fi writers of the past, with their rich imaginations, described technologies that we actually have nowadays! So, could it be that everything you see in futuristic movies today will come true in a few centuries? Most likely! But what if we wonder about a more distant future, say, 1 billion years from now?

    The Year 10,000 Problem 1:20
    What will happen to languages 20,000? 1:56
    Another ice age 2:19
    When will a new island arise in the Hawaiian Islands? 3:15
    When will the air become unbreathable? 3:26
    What threat will people face in 1,000,000 years? 4:28
    Will a new ocean appear? 5:45
    Why will 99% of the plants on Earth die? 7:56

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    - Earth will be struck by a gigantic asteroid 3,280 feet in diameter about 500,000 years from now. The crater from this asteroid will be no smaller than 250 miles across.
    - If anybody’s still living on Earth in 1,000,000 years, they’ll have to face a huge threat around this time. A supervolcano will go off, covering an area of 720 cubic miles with expelled magma.
    - As 2 million years pass, the Grand Canyon has slowly been deteriorating, turning into a valley rather than a huge canyon. Actually, the planet looks completely different on the whole.
    - Mars will collide with Phobos, its own moon, 50 million years from today, and this will cause some pretty serious damage to the red planet.
    - Another million years later, our planet will be hit with a lethal burst of radiation. This will be the result of a distant star about 6,500 light years away from Earth dying and exploding into a supernova.
    - Another problem will be the ever-increasing luminosity and power of the Sun. It’ll cause the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to drop down to such levels that photosynthesis won't be possible anymore.
    - 1 billion years from now, the force of the Sun will increase by 10%. The temperature on the surface of the planet will rise to an average of 117°F.

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