8 Simple Exercises to Get Bigger Arms Less Than In a Month

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  • Published on: Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • If you thought your upper arms are all about those biceps you're so proud of, check this out: the TRIceps make up two-thirds of our upper arms! But triceps are tricky muscles, we don’t use them much in everyday tasks and if you don’t do any isolated tricep exercises, you may very likely be on your way to flabby arms

    So, you want to “arm” yourself with some big “guns”? You need to work on those muscles! And here are 8 exercises that’ll help you get the arms of your dreams in no time.

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    Tricep Kickbacks 0:28
    Close Hands Pushups 1:29
    EZ-Bar Skull Crushers 2:30
    Triceps Extension Overhead with Rope 3:34
    Dumbbell Tate Presses 4:21
    Dips 5:24
    Triceps Pushdowns 6:14
    Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press 7:14
    Triceps training mistakes 8:12

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    - Make sure not to flare out your elbows because your pecs will become much more involved than needed. In other words, they’ll take all the strain instead of your triceps. That's why you should always press your elbows in when you lift or lower the weights.
    - Don't position your hands too close to each other while doing, let's say, close-grip bench presses. There's a reason why this exercise is called the "close-grip" press, but many lifters take it to the extreme. Besides being ineffective, a grip that’s too close can lead to serious injuries. You can lose stability while balancing a heavy weight, and there's probably no need to say how dangerous it is. Also, it can lead to tendon strain, as well as wrist and elbow bruises.
    - It's a bad idea to begin your triceps workout with isolated exercises. Just like with training any other part of your body, you need to warm-up first. Warm your elbow joints with several sets of press downs and then move to single-joint exercises.
    - Neglect neither overhead exercises nor underhand moves. Speaking about the first group, the only way to stretch the long part of the triceps is to do exercises where your arms are positioned overhead.
    - As for the underhand moves, they train the medial head of the triceps which often gets forgotten. True, it's the smallest of the triceps's three parts, but it doesn't make it any less important. On top of that, this particular part of your triceps stabilizes your elbow. So try to incorporate at least a couple of exercises with a reverse grip into your triceps workout.

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