12 Simple Tips to Make You Feel Good Today

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  • Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Most of the time, we think that being healthy takes a lot of effort, time, and money. But in reality, you can turn your life around and feel healthier simply by incorporating a few new habits into your daily routine. In many cases, the unique properties of food products help your body work better.

    Have you ever tried whitening your teeth with strawberries? Yeah me neither. And what if I told you grape juice can heal your migraine? You can also enjoy an extra cup of hot coffee for a healthy gallbladder. As crazy as it all sounds, those are just a few examples of effortless natural life hacks to treat your body right and give yourself the love you deserve. So let’s get started.

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    Try grape juice to heal your migraines 0:24
    Eat salmon to help your hair grow shiny and healthy 1:09
    You can shed extra pounds by drinking lemon + salt water 2:06
    Whiten your nails using toothpaste 2:54
    Stimulate hair growth by creating your own hair growth serum 3:22
    Eat your breakfast within the first 30 minutes after you wake up 4:34
    Drink hydrolyzed collagen instead of applying it to your skin 5:25
    Detox your skin with a charcoal bath bomb 6:08
    Use salt to reduce razor bumps 7:03
    Whiten your teeth using fruit 7:45
    Drink more coffee for a healthy gallbladder 8:19
    Clean your phone screen to prevent breakouts 8:58

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    - Do you know what causes migraines? It’s mostly an imbalance in brain chemicals like serotonin, and that’s why grape juice can come in and save the day. It doesn’t act as a painkiller, but as prevention.
    - Make salmon your new best friend! It’s rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. Omega-3 also helps to keep hair follicles clean and healthy.
    - Lemon and salt water can also speed up your metabolism by increasing the mitochondrial function. It helps to generate more energy in the body without needing any calories to do so and make you burn calories faster.
    - If your nails are looking a little yellow and you want to naturally whiten them, toothpaste is the answer. Your toothpaste whitens and protects your teeth, and it’s capable of doing the same for your nails, since they’re both keratin based.
    - Right after you’ve opened your eyes in the morning and had your lemon and salt water, it’s important to have your breakfast within half an hour. Even when you don’t feel hungry, missing your breakfast is a huge mistake, especially when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight.
    - Collagen, or even hydrolyzed collagen, can’t penetrate the skin to the point where it would bind with other proteins and improve your overall appearance. So the best way to combat aging is to take supplements.
    - Something as simple-looking as activated charcoal can whiten your teeth, treat acne and pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin. It’s really simple: toxins just stick to the activated charcoal!
    - In case you’re looking for an almost free remedy for ingrown hairs, here’s one! Salt increases blood circulation, reduces swelling and heals skin irritation, so it can help if you’ve had a bad razor experience.
    - Apples act as natural stain removers because they help produce more saliva in your mouth and serve as a “self-cleaning” agent. Oranges or any kind of tart fruit help to neutralize the acidity of your mouth that causes tooth decay.
    - Even though coffee might be associated with an unhealthy diet, it’s actually good for you in its purest form. It’s basically bean juice made with hot water, and has a lot of health benefits! One of coffee’s most important benefits is that it promotes a healthy gallbladder.
    - You heard it right – there’s a connection between the cleanliness of your phone screen and the condition of your facial skin. If you don’t clean your phone with antibacterial wipes regularly, it carries so much bacteria you wouldn’t even imagine.

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