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  • Published on: Monday, August 20, 2018
  • Hey, Kolya, are you coming to work? Yes, I’m coming Just don’t be late, otherwise I’ll get a demerit,again. You can’t afford losing job now. Yes, I know, I won’t be late. Okay, then. Have a nice day. Okay, bye. [walking in the park, seeing a kid] Vovchic, what are you doing here? I got lost. What do you mean you got lost? Who did you walk with? With my brother… And where is your brother? He went to get some water, and now I can’t find him. So, not to worry, he will definitely find you. Okay, Vovchic, let’s go find your brother. So, where do you say you saw him last time? I think there… There? Or there… Wait-wait, so there or…there? We will need a drink to deal with it. A drink? Well, a lemonade of course. We will figure it out, first, we go there and then there…. The bench scene. Look closely, is your brother here? No, he isn’t here. Do you know what? What? I think there is some lemonade… Ok, lad/smart cookie, Let’s go get you some lemonade [phone ringing] Yes, Victor? Kolya, why aren’t you at work yet? You see, Victor, There is a boy who got lost, and I’m looking for his brother…and as soon as I find him, I will get to work. What the hell are you talking about? What boys? What kind a lame excuse is it? Victor, that’ s really not an excuse. Anyway, I don’t care about your personal problems. Be at work in 15 mins with documents, or else. Was it your boss calling? Yep, we really need to find your brother as quickly as possible or else I will have huge problems. What if his friend got into trouble, wouldn’t he be late for work? I’m not completely sure he even has friends, ok, keep on searching for your brother. Well, your brother isn’t here also, listen Vova, I absolutely don’t time to go and look for your brother, because if I’m late for more than 1 minute my boss it going to fire me , just like that. Let’s do the following, I’m going to leave you here, come to work and phone somebody to pick you up, ok? [boss is calling] Hey, have you seen a boy, he was standing right here? The little one, name’s Vova…. Yes, dude, saw that one, we went there… There? Yes. Vova, what are you doing here? I told you to stay there! He was bored and we went to the swings… Ok, let’s go home. No, I can’t ditch her. Why? She got lost as well. What? How did you get lost? I was walking with nanny, and then we played hide-and-seek, and then…got lost… For god’s sakes! Now I have two lost children! Ok, let’s first find your nanny and then I will take you home. So, is your nanny here? Nope. But you know what Is here? What? Ice cream truck! Well all right, let’s go then. Yes, Victor? You see, there is a situation, while I was looking for the brother of the lost boy I found the lost girl. Who is it? It’s a boss, who doesn’t have friends… And that’s why I’m being late… Listen to me, I don’t know who taught you lying , but you suck at this. And you know what? What? You are fired! Was it the boss? Yes it was, but now he isn’t my boss anymore. But that’s a good thing, now he won’t stall you from walking in the park. You are so right! Ok, let’s go then. [at the fountain] Oh! Here is the nanny and daddy. Oh, Victor…the girl is… Yes,yes, I know, you swing by the office on Monday,I have the manager's position vacant, so we will work something out, but don’t be late

    Source: https://youtu.be/kJEZSFP64uE