9 Easy Tips to Become a Better Driver

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  • Published on: Friday, May 31, 2019
  • Many of us spend at least one hour a day behind the wheel. That's definitely a lot, but even the most experienced drivers don’t always know all the subtleties or nuances that can make driving easier, particularly in the case of a tough situation. If you wanna drive in comfort and ease, you should learn to avoid dangerous situations.

    Do you know, for example, what damage can a scent sticker cause to your car? Or why is it crucial to use turn signals even in a parking lot? And, can you use a log instead of a car wheel? So, here comes another lineup of auto tips every driver has to know!

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    Using turn signals in a parking lot 0:25
    How to make a gas pump work 1:06
    Effective windshield cleaner 1:52
    Never use a brush to clean snow off your vehicle 2:59
    Why your steering wheel and wheels vibrate 3:48
    How you can prevent condensation in your headlights 4:49
    What damage can a scent sticker cause to your car? 5:33
    How to air out your vehicle right 7:00
    Check your oil levels only on a cold engine 7:57
    💥 Bonus: Replacing a missing wheel with a log 💥 8:31

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    - Using turn signals when finding parking places is something that’s almost a natural instinct. Other drivers and pedestrians aren’t psychic, so they have no clue which way your back end will go.
    - Sometimes your car just won’t start, and one of the reasons for that is problems with your gas pump; it can wear out or weaken with time. But there’s a trick to make it work: take the key out of the ignition, then turn it on again but don't start the car straight away.
    - Take a spray bottle, fill it with water and about two tablespoons of dishwashing soap and voila, you just got yourself an effective and basically free windshield cleaner.
    - In the white winter season, never ever use a brush to clean snow off your vehicle. Don't brush the snow off the car body because it scratches the paintwork. To keep your vehicle bright and shiny, exercise patience and wait until it thaws.
    - There’s another winter trick that will save you a good deal of frustration. Sometimes as you're driving on a snowy day, you can feel your steering wheel and wheels vibrating. Sometimes, as you pass through a snowdrift, snow sticks to the disk, and then because of moisture or rain, it turns into ice.
    - When you’re traveling down a highway or a country road, little pebbles might come flying your way. If you plan to stay on the road for a long time and rain catches you on the way, your headlights might fog up because of that damage.
    - Don't use air fresheners that are scent stickers. The active chemical components that make your car smell like an ocean breeze or the tropics can damage the paint or make it dull.
    - When you air out the vehicle, open the windows that are kitty-corner to each other. For instance, open the driver seat and the right rear window. If you just open the front windows, the air will blow back and spin, but the stinking smell won’t disappear.
    - Checking your oil levels is critically important. So make sure to check it regularly and only on a cold engine. You see, if you locate the dipstick in an engine that was just actively working, it won't give you the most accurate results.
    - If you take a log and attach it to the bumper, than stretch it under the body of the car and attach it to the rear axle, it will work as a makeshift wheel, or a sledge for your car. This will only work on your rear wheels because they don’t turn, and you’ll have to go slowly and carefully, but it actually works!

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